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LATEST NEWS & INFO Category: STEM training

Call for 2015 Trailblazer Teachers

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We’re forming a team of teachers that will spend a year more deeply integrating blended learning into their classrooms. Also, by the end of that year, each teacher will publishing their lesson plans, assessments, and other resources as an “open-source” foundation for other teachers. We’re calling this group the Trailblazer Teachers.

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Science like Sherlock

This summer we pulled together science teachers and Battelle scientists to create science and literacy instruction for the Battelle Education Literacy Design Collaborative Science collection. What was the output? Take a look in this sneak peak! The following includes a small selection of the mini-tasks that were created as a part of Battelle’s work to create a collection of LDC science modules.

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PAST Innovation Lab Offers Training

Kat Deaner is the Director of Online Education at the PAST Innovation Lab. She reached out to us with some information about the organization’s upcoming online trainings on problem-based learning.

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Solo cups, shopping carts and science

This is the first in a series of summaries from breakout sessions at the 2015 Educators for Success Conference. At the conference, Battelle Education created a full track devoted to STEM. We’re happy to provide these short explanations to anyone interested. Each provides a view into some of the most exciting work happening in STEM today.

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Literacy training used by 1,000+ educators available to you

“Literacy is not something you add to an already overcrowded plate; literacy is the plate.” 1 Physicists, chemists and lawyers all use literacy in different ways. How do we prepare students for reading and writing in a range of different careers?  College Ready Literacy helps teachers answer this question. The program focuses on disciplinary literacy.  Disciplinary literacy is the unique way each discipline uses text to create, disseminate, and evaluate knowledge. College Ready Literacy is a year-long professional development experience for teachers led […]

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College Ready Math applications open for 2015

College Ready Math is a year-long professional development experience for math educators led by math educators. To date, over 200 educators from urban, rural, and suburban schools across four states have participated.
College Ready Math supports teachers in shifting their instructional practices by implementing the Math Design Collaborative (MDC) framework. The series is open to teams of math teachers (grades 6 through 12) and administrators interested in embedding formative assessment teaching practices using rigorous and real world math problems.

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Scientists and teachers, together for literacy

Kids enter the world exploring their surroundings. Asking questions. Trying to find out how the world works. This is science. As planetarium director, Neil deGrasse Tyson says “Science is how we explore the environment though experimentation.” Yet by the time students take the ACT test for college, almost 2 in 3 fail to meet the ACT College Readiness benchmark in science! How do we maintain this excitement kids have for science?

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Free training on coding offered

One of our hub leaders tipped us off to a program offered to Central Ohio schools. Jenna Garcia from is looking for a few more schools to join a training on computer programming. Here’s our Q&A with Jenna. Thanks for talking with us Jenna, what’s the opportunity for schools? Absolutely, we are so excited to be offering our curriculum and supports in Ohio this year! We are offering curriculum and teacher training (stipends included) for 3 different courses. It is […]

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Applications open for Innovative Leaders Institute

Through the Innovative Leaders Institute, top STEM leaders from across the country design and lead a multi-week mentoring and school-planning experience. These experts, many of whom led top-performing schools, share their methods and knowledge with other principals and educators. Apply here.

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STEM Designation 101: Showing the best of your school

A free webinar on applying for STEM designation will be held on Friday, February 27, 9:30-10:30 AM. Register by Wednesday, February 25th to hold your spot.

STEM school designation can open up new opportunities for a school. Applications for designation are reviewed by a panel of representatives from key state agencies and the Ohio General Assembly.

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