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Great tools can help dedicated teachers accomplish even more with their students. That’s why the Ohio STEM Learning Network is proud to offer access to Learning Blade to middle schools for free throughout the 2023-2024 school year. This program is funded by the State of Ohio’s generous support for the network and STEM programming in our state.

Learning Blade connects classrooms to STEM careers

This supplemental curriculum provides interactive and engaging lessons on various STEM topics. Designed for students in grades 5-9, Learning Blade can help teachers foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and understanding of careers.

Learning Blade ScreenshotResources in Learning Blade are organized around “Missions” covering topics including advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, cybersecurity, and much more. In total, Ohio teachers can choose from more than 400 lessons, helping connect lessons to real-world applications in careers.

Missions include:

  • Car manufacturing
  • Dolphin rescue
  • Flu outbreak
  • Hack attack
  • Rescue robot
Each Mission includes interactive online lessons for students, lesson plans for teachers, and take-home activities. These resources have been aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards for grades 5-9 in Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Technology as well as applicable standards from the Computer Science Teachers Association.
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Learning Blade gets my students excited about STEM careers. Some didn't even know some of these jobs existed nor how they fit into the career field. My students are actually excited about doing Learning Blade!
D'Auric Gladney
TEAMS teacher, Kelly Mill Middle School, South Carolina
I find that the Learning Blade modules are an excellent introduction to the different units I teach...They are also great at identifying the different careers associated with the topics. I feel Learning Blade helps students make connections between what they are learning and careers in the real-world.
Jamie Lea Walker-Davidson
STEM Teacher, Mansfield Schools, Missouri
Learning Blade Computer Lab
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