Akron Hub


The OSLN Akron Hub serves a 13-county region in Northeast Ohio. Founded in 2009, the Akron Hub operates out of the National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM Middle School, providing opportunities to students in the region.

Primary Goals & Services

  • Inform the public of how to leverage STEM programs in collaboration with the arts, 21st century skills, and real-life experiences in engaging learning environments.
  • Increase the reach and impact of STEM platform schools’ best practices, including people, tools, and networks.
  • Foster connectivity to STEM initiatives to exchange services, tools, knowledge, and to grow partnerships and networks.
  • Be a regional leader in creative, innovative strategies to build STEM education in Ohio and beyond.

STEM/STEAM designated schools of the Akron Hub

Akron hub map
Picture of Sam Crews

Sam Crews

OSLN Akron Hub Manager

Akron Public Schools

The OSLN Akron Hub is based out of Akron Public Schools.

STEM Designated Schools

For a full list of local schools, please visit our Schools Page.

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