Statewide Design Challenge

What is a design challenge?

A design challenge starts with a problem. Teachers communicate the problem to students. From there, students research, build and test a solution to the problem. They also present that solution to an audience.

Design challenges mirror the way real world companies and organizations solve problems. The Stanford “” played a major role in popularizing the use of design challenges in schools. (Read their guidelines here)

The core of a design challenge is the design cycle. In every design challenge, students complete every phase of the design cycle.

Annual statewide challenge

Each year, the Ohio STEM Learning Network hosts a design challenge where students collaborate to create workable solutions to the key issues facing our state. Any school may participate.

What is this year's statewide Ohio design challenge?

As we turn towards life in a post-pandemic society, we’re inspired by the immense possibilities that lie ahead to rebuild our lives and communities to be even better than before. We can reimagine and rebuild our communities to be more equitable, more accessible, and more efficient. Who better to lead that reimagining than Ohio’s young innovators?

This year’s #STEMbuildsOhio Design & Entrepreneurship Challenge invites students to consider how they can improve their school, community, or world by reimagining an existing physical space, system, product, or service so that it is more equitable, accessible, or efficient. The overall topic is infrastructure. Students have some choices about how they approach the topic.

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