Innovative Leaders Institute

Lead with STEM

The Innovative Leaders Institute empowers school leaders to transform current practices and bring high-quality STEM education to their students. This year-long professional learning program is designed for school leaders interested in:

  • Creating or strengthening STEM culture and identity in the school buildings they lead
  • Forging strong business and community partnerships and leveraging these relationships to create authentic learning experiences
  • Applying transformational leadership strategies to support their faculty in implementation of STEM instructional approaches
  • Challenging traditional approaches to teaching, learning and assessment

After nearly a decade, the Ohio STEM Learning Network has molded this program into the state’s best way to prepare aspiring STEM school leaders for success. Through this leadership pipeline, we foster new high-quality STEM/STEAM schools and expand STEM education for all students.

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2023-2024 Innovative Leaders Institute offerings

Innovative Leaders Institute: Reimagined

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Open to all school leaders in Ohio, including school leaders who participated in the Institute prior to 2020.

Rural Innovative Leaders Institute


Offered in partnership with the Appalachian STEM Collaborative, the Rural Innovative Leaders Institute, is open to school leaders from rural schools. Priority consideration is given to leaders from the Appalachian region of the state. The topics in the institute are examined from the unique perspective of rural education.

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