Elementary-level Computer Science​ Program

Prepare young learners for the future

Teaching computer science in early grades develops critical computational thinking skills in young learners. OSLN’s K-5 Computer Science Program provides the tailored solutions elementary teachers need.

This collaborative, year-long professional learning experiences focuses on key questions including: 

  • How to combine computer science with content standards across all the core disciplines
  • Finding the time to bring in computer science standards and computational thinking skills
  • Leveraging computer science experiences to increase classroom engagement
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OSLN K-5 Computer Science Program

Program sections include:

  • Computational thinking integration
  • Digital citizenship
  • Computer science in literature
  • Computer science in mathematics
  • Standards crosswalk
  • Physical computing
  • Integrating modern technology
  • Computer science for all

Technology package:

Participants will also be provided with a technology package to enable classroom implementation.

K-5 Program Details and Expectations

Priority application deadline is May 1, 2024


Teachers who apply and are accepted in the OSLN Computer Science K-5 Program are expected to:

  • Complete the five-day, in-person summer workshop
  • Attend four Saturday workshops throughout the school year (typically from 9a – 3p)
    • Sept./Oct. 2024
      One-day face-to-face Saturday workshop
      Nov. 2024 to Feb. 2025
      Two one-day virtual Saturday workshops
      March 2025
      One-day face-to-face Saturday workshop
  • Integrate computer science standards in your instruction during the school year

5-day summer workshop

The five-day summer workshop will include the following topics and learning experiences:

  • Experiencing plugged and unplugged computer science activities for K-5
  • Integrating computer science standards in math, ELA, and science instruction
  • Learning strategies for engaging students in core instruction using computer science
  • Exploring Code.org curriculum for your grade level
  • Collaborating with colleagues on creating an implementation plan for integration of computer science in math, ELA, and science instruction

Program offered at no cost

For the 2024-2025 school year, the Ohio STEM Learning Network’s computer science programs are offered at no cost to educators and schools. Costs are waived for all educators who:
  • Complete the program’s requirements
  • Plan to teach the course content to students in the 2024-2025 school year
  • For middle school and high school: Teachers are interested in pursuing a license to teach computer science.
    • Note: The Ohio STEM Learning Network will offer support for teachers interested in pursuing the Supplemental Licensure Pathway.
The facilitation, materials, and supports are valued at $2,000 per participant, across all four programs.
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