Innovative Leaders Institute meets at Global Impact STEM Academy

Later this week, the 28 members of a selective school leadership cohort will gather for a session on how to expand quality STEM education at their schools. These educators are part of the latest class of the Innovative Leaders Institute. Battelle created the institute in 2013 as one the nation’s only specialized training programs where leaders of innovative schools can learn from veteran STEM principals.

This week’s session is organized by facilitators Kathy McKinniss, current Personalized Learning Coach and founder of Marysville STEM Early College High School, and Dee Martindale, district STEM coordinator for Lakewood Local Schools and founder of Summit Road STEM Elementary. (Note: Read about Marysville’s innovative summer bridge program here and Dee Martindale’s experience as an early Innovative Leaders Institute participant here). Larry Johnson of Firestone High School also serves as a faculty member for the institute.

Specifically, this year’s cohort is focusing on building effective culture and climate in their schools. One key resource is the book “Learner-Centered Innovation: Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion, and Unleash Genius” by Katie Martin. The session will be held at Global Impact STEM Academy, a specialized STEM school that focuses on agriculture, energy, and the environment.

The participants represent a total of fourteen schools from across the state, Cleveland to Springfield. In a brief interview, facilitator Dee Martindale noted strong representation among elementary schools in this year’s participants. That’s one reason behind the group’s decision to focus on school climate as a powerful method for developing strong habits of mind early in students’ education.

Read on for the schools and names of this year’s dedicated class of the Innovative Leaders Institute. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, sign up for updates and download our free ebook on the program here.

Meet the 2018-2019 cohort

Bigelow Hill Intermediate (Findlay) Burton Elementary (Berkshire)

Jennifer Theis

Amy Hochschild

Gina Kriz

Campbell Memorial High School Center Elementary School (Mayfield City) Hayward Middle School (Springfield)

Kristin Fox (with Kent Polen)

Katharine Rateno

Edna Chapman

Yvonne Shelburne

Herbereich Elementary (Copley-Fairlawn)

Marisa Beavers

Sarah Casteel

Bill Kerrigan

Michelle Quinlan

Millstream Career Center I Promise School (Akron) Lander Elementary (Mayfield City)

Justin Shank

Brandi Davis

Elena Gibbons

Felecia Evans

Northside Intermediate School (Alliance City) Orchard STEM School (Cleveland)

Kaitlin Edwards

Stephanie Garren

Catherine Duplisea

Kathryn Francis

Ralph E. Waite Elementary (Medina) Ridgeview STEM Junior High (Pickerington)

Cindy Grice

Kerry Thomas

Kris Owen

Beth Richardson

STEAMM Academy@Hartford (Canton) Van Buren Local Schools

Jason Board

David Thompson

Michael Newcomer

Cassie Ohlrich


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