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How We Grow STEM Education in Ohio

The Ohio STEM Learning Network is committed to helping the State of Ohio inspire and train the next generation of innovative leaders.  We leverage existing STEM schools and programs to spread effective practices and tools across the state and the nation. 

The Ohio STEM Learning Network:

  • Connects innovative schools, teachers, and administrators to one another and to national resources
  • Supports schools and communities that want to create innovative schools and programs
  • Builds community awareness and drives school and industry partnerships
The network operates as a public-private partnership between the Ohio Department of Education and Battelle. STEM and STEAM schools are designated by the Ohio STEM Committee, which is supported by the Ohio Department of Education and advised by the Ohio STEM Learning Network.
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60,000+ students reached last year alone

Through supports for educators or programs for students, programming through the Ohio STEM Learning Network reached over 60,000 students last year. 


After Battelle started Ohio’s first STEM school in 2006 (Metro Early College High School), the state recognized the value in providing this STEM education experience to students across Ohio. Two years later, the state budget allocated $13 million in Race to the Top funding to establish STEM schools and programs in Ohio. Battelle contributed an additional $17 million to launch the state network.

For more than a decade, STEM-designated schools have led the charge in creating partnerships with local businesses, creating work-based learning experiences for Ohio students. Local schools, industries and communities noticed. The first five STEM schools in Ohio have grown to over eighty designated schools today. 

The Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, (also managed by Battelle) is modeled after Ohio’s network. Both the Ohio and Tennessee join with over twenty other state STEM networks through STEMx, a national network. 

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