Computer Science

Learn how to bring computer science to any classroom

The Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) offers professional development to all Ohio teachers looking to bring the critical ideas of computer science and computational thinking to their students. 

No matter the grade level, OSLN offers programs that can inspire students, connect to relevant standards, and build life-changing skills.

“Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead consumers of computer science.”
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Maria Klawe
President, Harvey Mudd College
"We cannot prepare students for a future with AI without teaching them the foundations of computer science."
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2023 State of Computer Science Report

Tailored options for every grade-level

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Young learners must be reached in different ways. OSLN built a year-long professional learning experience centered on helping elementary teachers succeed with computer science.

From unplugged activities to integration with core standards, join a group of peers from around the state fostering computational skills early.

Program: OSLN Computer Science K-5 Program (Grades K-5)

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From broadening participation in middle school to college-level programming, OSLN has brought nationally tested professional learning programs backed by to hundreds of Ohio teachers. 

Get the support you need to bring computer science education to your school or take students further.

Programs: Computer Science Discoveries (Grades 6-10), Computer Science Principles (Grades 9-12), and Computer Science A (Grades 9-12)

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Program cost

The facilitation, materials, and supports cost $2,000 per participant, across all four programs. OSLN is seeking funding that could potentially provide scholarships for this program.

In previous years, the network has offered scholarships to some teachers who otherwise would not have been able to attend thanks to support from, Battelle, and the State of Ohio. Scholarships are made available first to participants serving economically disadvantaged students, diverse student populations, or schools serving rural communities.

Interested educators should sign up today and apply when applications open to be considered for the maximum potential financial aid.

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