Sticker Design Contest

Create the sticker design for this year’s challenge


Must be a student in the state of Ohio and between grades K -12. The categories include K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 grades. Each school can have only one entry per grade band. Winning entry will be featured and used to promote the 2023 OSLN Design Challenge State Showcase.

Design Requirements

Design should be simple and unique, and easily reproduced as a sticker in no more than 5 colors. The final produced sticker will be approximately 3” in diameter. The sticker border is an integral part of the design. Make sure to include the border in the design. All designs must be original and not use art forms from other sources. The final design may be edited to meet vendor requirements and becomes the property of Battelle.


The sticker design should incorporate some aspect(s) of this year’s design challenge: cybersecurity, environmental/conservation security, energy security, health security, shelter/disaster security
Lettering: Any lettering on the patch must be printed. The following text must be included in the patch design: “OSLN Design Challenge 2023” or “#STEMsecuresOhio Challenge 2023”


Drawing may be any medium (pencil, oil, pen and ink, chalk, crayon, computer graphics etc.) and can be color or black and white.

Entry Requirements

Entries can be submitted using this form, or a blank piece of paper 8.5×11 paper, but it must include all the information listed at the right. Upload the PDF entry using the Official Sticker Entry Submission form below.


December 9, 2022

Required template

#STEMsecuresOhio Sticker Submission Form

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Student information

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Designs must use the template provided here.

School and teacher information

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