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2020 STEM Advocate: Chris Anderson, host of Science Around Cincy

Do STEM scientists, technology whizzes, engineers and mathematicians really work in ivory towers? Kids might think so. And that misconception could lead students to shun STEM-based career paths as boring and isolating. So how can educators dispel that notion and show that scientists work with other enthusiastic professionals, making breakthroughs in exciting, world-changing fields, with no ivory tower in sight? Have the kids watch Science Around Cincy, a video series exploring the work of people involved in science in the […]

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Greater than STEM Essay Contest Winners

A few months ago, OSLN asked STEM students across Ohio to respond to our third annual essay contest.  Tell us about a problem in your life, community, or world. How did you learn about it? How are you using STEM skills to solve it?  After reading through dozens of submissions, we’d like to formally congratulate this year’s winners: Madelyn Zarembka and Madrica Arnold! Read their essays below to learn how they use STEM skills to solve community problems– and listen to our podcast, Greater Than STEM, to hear other students tell their own stories.  High School […]

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Greater than STEM, Episode 3 – Foster Care

What happens when a student doesn’t have a safe place to call home? And what can we do to support those students when they’re at school? High-schooler Ryan Bass tackles this problem with his family. Together, they’ve fostered almost a dozen young people in Northeast Ohio. We’ll learn more about how foster care works from Lucy – a policy expert – and Jamole – a former foster youth. Listen to their conversation on Episode 3 – Foster Care. This podcast is brought […]

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Greater than STEM, Episode 2 – Food Insecurity

This week on Greater Than STEM, we speak with Ana, a Central Ohio student and Michelle Moskowitz Brown of Local Matters, a community garden advocacy organization. These two share a love of food, gardening and family, but have come from different backgrounds with different access to food. In their 20 minute discussion, they address how food insecurity shapes communities and how community gardens and food education programs can increase access. Ana’s essay even helped inspire our 2019 Statewide Ohio Design Challenge on food insecurity,  which has reached more […]

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Greater than STEM, Episode 1 – Ocean Pollution

This week on Greater Than STEM, we have our first student interview. We talk to Abby, a student from Northeast Ohio who is a self-proclaimed “ocean-hugger.” What is an ocean-hugger? How does that passion grow in a student from Ohio (a state with rather limited access to oceans)? Listen for answers to those questions and more on Episode 1 – Ocean Pollution. Listen on on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or SoundCloud. Resources for teachers Greater Than STEM worksheet including information on how to add your voice to […]

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Greater than STEM, Episode 0 – Battelle History: from the Xerox copier to Ohio’s first STEM school

Battelle has been around for almost 100 years, but how did it grow from one building in 1929 into the world’s largest private nonprofit research and development institute? And how did it get involved in STEM education? And what even is STEM education? And why is filling up your apartment with sulfur fumes an important step towards inventing the Xerox copier? Listen for answers to those questions and more – before we meet the students. Listen on on Apple Podcasts, […]

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