Present at the Ohio STEM Innovation Summit

Share how you inspire students with other STEM educators

The first Ohio STEM Innovation Summit will be held on May 12, 2023 at the Hilton Columbus Downtown. The summit will showcase innovative STEM strategies from teachers and administrators across the state.

The call for presenters for the summit is now open. The Ohio STEM Learning Network seeks presenters who can share insights on how to:

  • advance STEM integration in the classroom, 
  • guide attendees on where to start planning high-quality STEM initiatives, or
  • grow existing programs

Learning sessions will be 45 minutes long. Sessions should be interactive and/or hands-on and designed to stimulate thinking across a broad range of subject areas and grade levels. 

 The Ohio STEM Innovation Summit will showcase the astonishing work teachers and administrators do to advance high quality STEM education within their communities. Join us at our inaugural summit – and together – we can celebrate, share, and explore.
Presenter applications close January 9, 2023
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Focus areas for the Ohio STEM Innovation Summit

The learning sessions at the summit will offer attendees the opportunity to learn from educational leaders and practitioners seeing success with integrating STEM practices in their classrooms and communities. 

Learning sessions should target timely, relevant topics centered on one of six focus areas:

  • School Culture - A school culture is intangible, but it’s essential. This track will explore strategies for creating a shared sense of purpose and value, instructional norms of continuous learning and improvement, and collaborative relationships that drive a STEM school culture.
  • Innovative Instructional Strategies - Classroom learning can be highly engaging when infused with innovative STEM instructional strategies. In this track, participants will explore effective and unique classroom techniques to enrich traditional curricula.
  • Community Partnerships - When schools and community organizations collaborate to strengthen student learning outcomes, everyone benefits. In this track, strategies for intentionally selecting and engaging community stakeholders will be shared.
  • STEM Career Awareness - Mastering the skills necessary for the jobs of the future is essential in preparing students for the future. In this track, the employability skills students must possess to be successful are identified along with practices to promote post-secondary success.
  • Engaging Underrepresented Groups in STEM - Ensuring traditionally underrepresented populations of students have access to quality STEM teaching and learning experiences is a critical step to ensure STEM for All. In this track, key strategies for expanding access to STEM education for specific groups of students will be shared.
  • Computer Science Education - As computer science grows to become a foundational part of nearly every industry, it's more important than ever that all students receive a grounding in concepts like computational thinking. In this track, presenters will go beyond devices and programming to detail how any learner can master the fundamentals of computer science.
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