Integrated Teaching and Learning Program

Bring your teaching team together

In quality STEM education, students experience learning tasks that require them to apply knowledge from multiple disciplines. Accomplishing this, while maintaining the integrity of each discipline’s content standards, is no small feat.

Teacher teams need to collaboratively identify natural connections between their disciplines and use those connections to anchor integrated teaching and learning experiences in their respective classrooms.

A new program from the Ohio STEM Learning Network is here to help for the 2023-2024 school year.

The Integrated Teaching and Learning Program is designed for teams of teachers seeking strategies for effective and meaningful integration of their grade-level content.

Program participants will explore, learn, and apply the 5-step Integrated Teaching and Learning Protocol, ultimately creating a year-long integrated curriculum map. This protocol can be combined with any instructional approach, ranging from traditional teaching to problem-based learning.


  • Experience applying the Integrated Teaching and Learning framework, a 5-step STEM-based school strategy that balances the needs of teacher-teams with educator independence, standards, and strong instructional tools
  • Strategies for creating and fostering effective teams of teachers
  • Initial grade-wide integrated curriculum map for a year-long multidisciplinary content
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East Canton School

Program details


The program is open to teams of teachers meeting the following criteria:

  • Team members must share students from the same grade level (any grade from 6-12). These are typically referred to as grade-level teacher teams.
  • Team must include at least one teacher from all core subjects: Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies (and Arts, for STEAM designated schools)
  • Team can include any other teacher from the same grade level, instructional coach, and/or an administrator
  • At most, eight (8) members of each team


While the program experience is valued at $4,850, full scholarships will be offered for Ohio schools that complete all program requirements for the 2022-2023 school year. Scholarships are funded by generous support from the State of Ohio. This includes workshop materials, coaching supports, and breakfast/lunch each day.

Travel costs are not included.


  • Program launches with a four-day, in person, summer workshop on August 1-4, 2023, 8:30AM-4:00PM
  • Two virtual, after school meetings (one in fall and one in early spring, 60-90 minutes, dates to be determined)


The participating teams commit to:

  • Working as a team throughout the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program
  • Attend all four days of in-person summer workshop
  • Attend two virtual, after school meetings Implement integrated units and lessons
  • Share updates on the development and implementation process with OSLN
  • Participate in questionnaires and/or focus groups to help OSLN refine the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program
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