About Our Hubs

The Ohio STEM Learning Network hubs are the nuclei of regional STEM activity. Hubs share resources with regional STEM schools and aspiring STEM schools and facilitate partnerships with local entities representing K-12, higher education, community and business. Each hub leverages these relationships to connect and spread STEM efforts throughout its region.

There are seven Ohio STEM Learning Network hubs across Ohio that commit to:

  • Spread the positive impact of STEM schools to the broader region and state.
  • Capture, amplify and accelerate related STEM research and development.
  • Advance a coherent STEM education and economic development strategy.

The seven Ohio STEM Learning Network hubs across Ohio are each unique. Some hub staff are employed by local university partners while others draw staff from local educational-support organizations. Regardless of structure, each hub engages in ongoing dialogue within and beyond the network, ensuring that all regions – and all students – can benefit from innovation in STEM.

Our Seven OSLN Hubs

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