Dayton Regional STEM School

Opened in 2009, the Dayton Regional STEM School strives to prepare students with the necessary skills to compete in the global economy while nurturing the same enthusiasm for discovery, invention and application that launched the vision for powered flight.

What makes DRSS different?

At DRSS, students, parents, teachers and partners are engaged in relevant, rigorous and relationship-based educational experiences. Students participate in project-based curriculum that integrates the traditional STEM content areas with social studies, language arts and the fine arts — the school’s primary foreign language offering is Chinese. The curriculum is directly connected to real work being done by the scientists, engineers, strategists, planners, innovators and entrepreneurs throughout the Dayton region.

Who can attend?

DRSS is open to students in grades 6-12 and primarily serves students from Clark, Greene and Montgomery counties. However, students from other counties will also be accepted if not at full capacity.

What are the school’s teaching and learning philosophies?

  • DRSS will serve as a dynamic teaching and learning community linked to the strong history of innovation and cutting-edge research conducted in the Dayton region.
  • Students and their families – along with community, educational institutions and business, industry and research partners – will be active and full members of the learning community.
  • DRSS will support students as they:
    • Engage in a seamless, inquiry-based, individualized learning experiences dedicated to using STEM across a liberal arts curriculum to solve problems
    • Set goals and work to obtain the skills, knowledge and experiences that will position them for future success, particularly in the STEM disciplines
    • Participate in authentic real world experiences with practicing scientists, engineers and technical professionals at the Dayton region’s research/industry sites
    • Participate in challenging and accelerated opportunities to demonstrate content mastery, as well as earn college credit, as an important springboard to every student attending college

Want to learn more?

Contact Robin Fisher
Superintendent and Chief Administrative Officer, Dayton Regional STEM School