Thurgood Marshall STEM High School

4447 Hoover Avenue
Dayton, OH 45417


Ms. Sharon Goins


At Thurgood Marshall STEM High School we are, “Preparing today’s students for the opportunities and challenges of a 21st Century tomorrow.” This goal is accomplished through a unique blend of curriculum, partnerships, and STEM experiences.

We offer the following opportunities for students:

• A curriculum that emphasizes the connections amongst subject areas and promotes the application of 21st Century Skills and ideas.

• Students regularly have the opportunity to engage with and learn from practicing professionals in a variety of STEM fields.

• STEM-themed competitions and activities lead to determined and engaged learners.

The TMHS program of study utilizes design thinking, inquiry-based instruction, problem-based learning, and authentic application of content to “provide a STEM learning environment to ensure all students are career and college ready.