East Canton High School


310 Browning Ct. N,

East Canton, OH 44730


Mr. David Samblanet


The goal of Osnaburg Local Schools is to implement support systems that will help guide our students down their chosen post graduate pathway. The end goal will always be to provide opportunities and support to our students so that they can reach their full potential and accomplish the goal we have for our students, community, state and country. The East Canton STEM program began as a single problem-based learning unit that transformed into a class, and ultimately a district-wide STEM initiative that has been 100% teacher-driven. As a result of
the level of rigor of the courses and our educators’ propensity to ensure that STEM touches every student, East Canton High School has been named as the first STEM high school in Stark County.

This is in large part because of our team of educators and administrators who collaborate daily to bring innovative, deep-learning opportunities to our students.