MC2 STEM High School

Opened in August 2008, MC²STEM High School serves students in grades 9-12 who live in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and 25 percent of the seats are made available to students outside of Cleveland, including the first ring suburbs. MC² has a year-round school calendar in which students have 10-week quarters followed by three-week breaks.

MC² is an embedded campus model, which allows students and staff to benefit from the onsite resources.  The 9th grade campus is located at the Great Lakes Science Center and provides students and staff access to informal science educators and use of exhibit space as for daily learning and enrichment.  The 10th grade campus is located at General Electric’s Nela Park in East Cleveland and provides access to hundreds of STEM professionals that provide tutoring, mentoring and project support. The more than 140 11th and 12th graders are located on Cleveland State University’s (CSU) campus, which enables students to have a more seamless connection and transition to the college coursework as well as access ti additional supports offered through CSU.

The student experience differs each year:

  1. Years one and two students participate in 10-week internship in various STEM fields.
  2. Years one, two and three students attend classes in the morning and attend internships or fellowships in the afternoon.
  3. Year three students participate in a 40-week fellowship experience.
  4. Year four students dual-enroll in early college or an early apprenticeship program.

The school curriculum is interdisciplinary and includes the following components: STEM curriculum, the Humanities, The Arts and Design, Internships, Co-Curricular Experiences and Health and Wellness.

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