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Fairview High School’s STEM implementation is driven by our district vision: “Learn differently, care deeply, and aspire to excellence.” We concur with Judith Ramaley, who coined the term STEM and developed curricula for the National Science Foundation, and attested that it is “impossible to make wise personal decisions, exercise good citizenship, or compete in an increasingly global economy without knowledge of Science and the ability to apply [it] thoughtfully and appropriately.” We use Technology to catalyze our program, fuel it with Innovation (“learn differently’), and drive it with Empathy (“care deeply”). As traditional public high school (9-12; 500 students), one-to-one since 2006, we use technology tools and processes to incentivize our students to raise their voices and seize their choices–much the way patents have motivated American inventors and stimulated the United States’ economy since at least 1790 when the United States Patent and Trademark Office was founded. We give students physical places (like the Innovation Center) and virtual spaces (limitless information, learning platform, blog canvas, broadcast network), along with license to experiment and (with mastery learning/grading) a place to fail forward. We have always emphasized “different and better” over simply “flashy and new” and consistently asserted a “both/and mindset” in Science, Math, Arts and Humanities by calling on timeless skills (evident in our Student Skills Profile) applied in new contexts. Technology is the guts and glue of Fairview STEM. Likewise, Engineering is an enterprise synonymous with designing. Engineering design characterized the infrastructure of our entire instructional program, all courses, all subjects. We are designers. Our teachers are designers, or architects of learning who use standardized Formative Instructional Practices as a template. Most importantly, we follow a constructive process and provide students meaningful feedback, and opportunities for reflection, and reiteration at junctures along the way to product. Our students are designers. They are inducted into design thinking, the steps of which are built into many of our projects. According to the National Academy of Sciences (1989), “Mathematics reveals hidden patterns that help us understand the world around us. Now much more than arithmetic and geometry, Mathematics today is a diverse discipline that deals with data, measurements, and observations from science; with inference, deduction, and proof; and with mathematical models of natural phenomena, of human behavior, and of social systems.” In Fairview, this Mathematics that reveals, intentionally pervades what we do. The OSLN is characterized by educators who share our vision and practices. Fairview Warriors are honored to continue our iteration in that good company.

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