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OSLN Design Challenge series: The Pedagogy of a Design Challenge

10.26.2021 | 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Introduction to Design Based Thinking and Design Challenge Registration series: Join Metro Staff to learn about running a design challenge in your school. 

Dive deep into the role of the teacher as design challenge coach. Outline new strategies for engaging students, scaffolding advanced challenges, and modifying a challenge to suit your classroom.

The Pedagogy of Design Challenge is a 90 minute online session and part three of the Design Challenge Miniseries. The session is designed to build on the stages of design based thinking and provide more in depth strategies for teachers to not only conduct a Design Challenge in their classroom, but also maximize the potential of this learning experience. The session will cover general strategies for the role of the teacher throughout the process of project-based learning, specific advice for engaging student interest throughout each stage of the Design Challenge, scaffolding for exceptional students, and advice for modifying the Design Challenge to fit your students specific needs. It is designed for teachers who are already familiar with design based thinking, but want to go deeper into strategies to increase student growth and engagement throughout the process.

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