#CSEdWeek: Coding Cup seeks student participants

Just in time for Computer Science Education Week, the Ohio STEM Learning Network is partnering with Tynker for Schools to offer a free activity for Ohio K12 teachers and students! It’s called Coding Cup. Tynker for Schools’ parent is sponsoring FIFA World Cup 2022, and this gives students a chance to code their own team and engage with students all over the world.  You can join two LIVE learning events around Coding Cup!

221114 Coding Cup image

*First* – Join the FREE Web PD for Ohio Teachers 

In this FREE 60-minute webinar, explore Tynker’s brand-new collaborative coding experience that lets students control their own soccer team! In this webinar, educators will create their Tynker classrooms, enhance their own soccer skills with Tynker, compete in matches, and discover more CSEdWeek activities! 

  • Register Here: gotyn.kr/OH_CSEdWeek
  • Date: November 30th
  • Time: 4:00 pm ET
  • Recorded? (for all registrants)

*Second* – Add CodeLab LIVE for Ohio to Your Calendar 

Like last year’s NASA events, we broadcast LIVE Webcasts called CodeLab: a live learning show for students, hosted by Tynker Teachers, which includes a LIVE walk-through of the Coding Game/Activity during CSEdWeek.  

  • Register Here: evt.to/aiusaisdw
  • Date: December 5th
  • Time: 12pm ET
  • Recorded? (for all registrants)

We’re excited to spread the word of CS and STEM with you! 

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