Teachers: Apply now for an externship with a STEM business

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The Manufacturing and Engineering Externship Program (MEEP) comes to Ohio in the summer of 2020. MEEP seeks to address the growing STEM skills gap in the manufacturing and engineering sectors by engaging Ohio teachers in paid summer externships with local companies in STEM industries. This program is funded by a grant from the Office of Naval Research.

Through MEEP, you’ll see STEM concepts in action. Then, with professional development, you’ll develop a new project-based learning experience to take back to your classroom.

Teachers who complete the program’s requirements will receive a $2,500 stipend.

Teacher interview:
Read about Kristin and Carlee’s experience with the Manufacturing and Engineering Externship Program here.

Applications for the program are now open to Ohio K-12 teachers and industry partners interested in hosting teachers. Teachers can apply with the form below.

To apply as an industry partner, nominate a industry partner, click here.

Program Timeline (2020)

  • January 23 – March 13 February 29: Teacher and industry partner application period (Deadline extended to March 16)
  • March: Teachers and industry partners notified about applications
  • April: Teachers matched with businesses
  • Spring: PBL Training
  • Summer: Externships
  • Fall: Reconvene for feedback

 Teacher Application Form

 Eligibility: The applicant must be an Ohio K-12 teacher. Teachers can apply individually or in teams of two from their school. Each applicant should submit his or her own application.


  • Attend a Project-Based Learning (PBL) training hosted by the Ohio STEM Learning Network in spring 2020.
  • Schedule consultation phone call or in-person visit with industry partner to ensure industry partner’s Human Resources requirements are fulfilled prior to externship experience.
  • Participate in a 3- to 5-day externship experience in summer 2020.
  • Develop PBL curricular unit based on externship experience to engage students with the STEM skills and habits necessary for success in the field and expose them to STEM career opportunities.
  • Participate in program feedback day in fall 2020.

Selection Process:

  • The application period will be open from January 23 through February 29, 2020.
  • OSLN will select 36 teachers to participate in the program. Teachers will be paired with an industry partner within 30 minutes of their school location.
  • We will notify teachers about their application in March.

Questions about this application or process? Email Brittany Hines at Battelle at


18 Responses to “Teachers: Apply now for an externship with a STEM business”

  1. Deborah Eberhardt says:

    Will the 3-5 day externship dates be successive? Will I be able to choose the days?

    • OSLN Admin says:

      Hi Ms. Eberhardt: Sorry for the delay.

      The ordering of days will likely depend on the industry partner; however, we will aim to organize the days in succession. We will work with both the extern and industry partner to try to accommodate both schedules, with the goal of completing the externship experience by August 1, 2020. If you still have some questions about this, please reach out to Brittany Hines using the email address above.

      Rob at Battelle.

  2. Tracy says:

    Is graduate credit available for this externship?

    • OSLN Admin says:

      Hi Tracy, graduate credit won’t be available but we will provide Continuing Education Unit certificates. if you have more questions, we’d be happy to chat with you. – Rob at Battelle

      • Aaron Coleman says:

        Can you estimate the amount of CEUs typically given. I need to turn in an estimate to my district.

        • OSLN Admin says:

          Hi Aaron: Thanks for your questions. The details of each externship will be different at each site, including the length. However, each experience will be between 3-5 days and somewhere between 27 and 42 contact hours (including the PBL training). – Rob at Battelle

  3. Andrea Harpen says:

    I just got an email about this great STEM educator externship program today, 2/28. I applied for it but but cannot get the letter of recommendation from my principal until I return to school next week. Will my application be accepted?

    • OSLN Admin says:

      Hi Ms. Harpen, we’re extending the application window, so you’ll have a few more days to submit with that letter. Thanks for your interest! – Rob at Battelle

  4. Toby Foote says:

    Can teachers for our STEAM summer camps apply for this stipend? Who do I talk to about getting our organization eligible for this?

    • OSLN Admin says:

      Hello Toby, the program is funded through a grant from the Office of Naval Research (press release). It is only open to K-12 classroom teachers. If you have additional questions about the program, please contact Brittany Hines ( – Rob at Battelle

  5. jackie thase says:

    My cohort and I are interested…could you tell us when the spring training is? During the school day or after school or weekend? Thanks!

    • OSLN Admin says:

      Hi Jackie, thanks for asking. We haven’t firmed up the date for the training yet. It will be during the school day. – Rob at Battelle

  6. When specifically (what time, also) and where will the PBL training take place?

    • OSLN Admin says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for your interest. The training will take place in Central Ohio, with a date to be set soon. – Rob at Battelle

  7. Jean Trimble says:

    Hello, I have my teaching license and was a library media specialist for the past nine years. This past year, I became an “administrator” but still work with students on a daily basis. Am I still eligible to participate, even though I’m not “assigned” any students? I could still collaborate with a classroom teacher.

    • OSLN Admin says:

      Hi Jean, the team would like to see your full application to better understand your approach. Please apply if interested! Thanks, Rob at Battelle

  8. Janet says:

    I applied for this opportunity but did not receive any email confirmation. Is there a way to check if my application was received?

    • OSLN Admin says:

      Hi Janet, your comment doesn’t show me a last name. However, I can see an application matching your first name received for an educator at Upper Sandusky High School. – Rob at Battelle

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