Recognize an excellent Ohio STEM teacher, leader, or advocate (2019)

Update: Nominations for this award are now closed. To be notified when we open the awards again, be sure to sign up for our announcements at

Do you have a phenomenal STEM educator in your building? Are there leaders in your school or district that encourage innovation? Is your colleague leading the charge in advocating for STEM? Applications for our 2019 OSLN STEM Innovation Awards are now open!

The STEM Innovation Awards will recognize a phenomenal teacher, school or district level leader, and advocate in STEM education. Help us find the trailblazers in your community who are expanding access to quality STEM education

Nomination form

The STEM Innovation Awards recognize one awardee in each of the following areas:

  1. Excellence in STEM Teaching: The applicant must be an Ohio educator within a STEM field. We are seeking teachers who demonstrate STEM infused teaching strategies, classroom innovation, and positive student learning outcomes.
  2. Excellence in STEM Leadership: The applicant must be an Ohio school level or district level leader with a proven track-record of incorporating STEM into their school culture or developing STEM programs at the school or district level. We are seeking leaders who support and encourage teachers/schools to infuse STEM teaching strategies, classroom innovation, and positive student learning outcomes.
  3. Ohio STEM Advocate: The applicant must be an Ohio resident with experience advocating for STEM education through their leadership, community partnerships, and/or grassroots initiatives. We are seeking leaders who demonstrate a passion for the advancement of STEM education in Ohio that leads to positive student learning outcomes.

You can apply for yourself or nominate a peer here.

Detailed award guidelines
Excellence in STEM Teaching Excellence in STEM Leadership Ohio STEM Advocate

Applications are due May 13th, 2019. Winners will be recognized at the 2019 CSU STEM conference on June 12th -13th.

CSU STEM Conference
June 12th and 13th | Wolstein Center
Cleveland State University
Register for $30 by May 13 | Interview with conference organization Dr. Kate O’Hara

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