2018 posts and new opportunities to connect

To start of new year, we’re taking a look at some of our most read posts from 2018. Here’s quick rundown of a few highlighted opportunities to connect and participate in the network from last year.

First up, you asked and we listened. The number one piece of feedback we received after our 2017 Ohio Design Challenge was simple: Announce the topic sooner. That’s what we did in August with “Food security is our 2019 Ohio Design Challenge topic” and it was the most read post of 2018. We are still accepting schools into the program for a few more weeks, so hurry and sign up your school today!

Second most popular was the announcement of the opening of applications for the Innovative Leaders Institute. The institute is a unique professional development program for educators who want to open or lead innovative schools, including STEM schools. Interested? Be sure to sign up for our emails and watch for an application later this month. For now, read our interview with former institute participant and current facilitator Dee Martindale.

Our announcement of Code.org trainings also made it into the rankings. That program, too, will begin recruiting very shortly. Applications will open on January 14. You can nominate teachers for the program at www.osln.org/code.

The fourth top post we’ll highlight today was the release of our data on Ohio’s diverse and growing network STEM schools.

These four stories aren’t the only ways to connect to quality STEM education. Later this month, you’ll hear from us about the conferences we’ll attend or host, a new round of STEM designations for schools, and much more.

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