Ohio’s young scholars meet for competition

“Water Quality in Aquaponic Systems,” “Bacteriophage Proliferation Dynamics,” “Acute Morphological Effects of Cosmetics-Derived Microplastics Exposure.” These aren’t articles from a science journal. They are papers by students presenting at the 53rd Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.

The event gives Ohio middle and high school students the chance to show off the incredible science they can do. All before even graduating!

Keep reading to see what Ohio teachers and our staff saw at the event. Want to get involved? Contact Dr. Emilio Duran at Bowling Green State University.

And stay tuned for more photos and updates from the national competition in April, held in Dayton, Ohio.



Research offices from U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force underwrite the event. Ohio’s state level competition is organized by the Northwest Ohio Center for Excellence in STEM Education and the School of Teaching and Learning at Bowling Green State University.

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