Free training on coding offered

One of our hub leaders tipped us off to a program offered to Central Ohio schools.

Jenna Garcia, Regional Program Manager for
Jenna Garcia, Regional Program Manager for

Jenna Garcia from is looking for a few more schools to join a training on computer programming. Here’s our Q&A with Jenna.

Thanks for talking with us Jenna, what’s the opportunity for schools?

Absolutely, we are so excited to be offering our curriculum and supports in Ohio this year! We are offering curriculum and teacher training (stipends included) for 3 different courses. It is important to note that we are offering this with no cost for schools or teachers.

Exploring Computer Science: Full Year High School course (can be run as a semester). This course introduces Computer Science to high school students giving them a taste of different CS concepts over 6 units (Human Computer Interaction, Problem Solving, Web Design, Programming, Data Analysis, Robotics)

Computer Science in Science: 20 hours of a middle school science course that has 4 individual modules that are inserted in your already existing science curriculum. The four modules use computer simulation and modeling to connect computer science to science (Introduction, Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science).

Computer Science in Algebra: 20 hours of a middle school algebra course that has 20 individual lessons that are inserted in your already existing algebra curriculum. The lessons use computer science to demonstrate how the algebra the students are learning in their class can be used in creating a video game. By the end of the 20 lessons, students will have their own, working video game.

Why’s funding these trainings?

Computer science is a paramount subject that is not taught in a majority of schools throughout the country.’s mission is to get access to computer science to all K-12 students in the United States. If you were to look at all of our donors you will see that we have a lot of well known tech companies supporting us. We use these donations to create curricula and then share it to teachers. We also realize that there are not enough computer teachers in the United States to help us successfully reach our goal, so we are paying to help train these teachers because we, as well as our donors, realize the importance of training and supporting teachers.

What local schools are already signed on?

Blanchester MS
Canal Winchester HS
Northland HS
Dominion MS
Briggs HS
Starling STEM PK-8
Sherwood MS
Woodward Park MS
Newark HS
Oak Hills HS
Encore Academy
Reynoldsburg Business, Education, Leadership & Law Academy
(HS)2 Academy
eSTEM Early College Academy
Vermilion HS
Sailorway MS
Wadsworth Middle School

How do schools sign up?

If schools are interested, they should apply to our program through the “ Single School Agreement” jot form application. Once receives the application, the school administrator and teacher(s) will be added to all Ohio Partnership correspondences moving forward.

You will be invited to an orientation event that we are planning on hold at the end of April / beginning of May that will go through the specifics of the entire program.

In the meantime, teachers should block their calendars to be able to attend the professional development workshops the week of June 15 – 19.

If anyone has any questions at all (about the curricula, the professional development, logistics, etc), please do not hesitate to email me asap.

What’s the deadline to sign up?

Friday, April 10

Alright Jenna, thanks for all that. Last question: What’s the best thing you read about today?

I just got around to reading CNN’s opinion story on the “Poor kids of Silicon Valley.” It was a very moving article about the divide that exists in the tech industry’s most well known hub. I was shocked, but, ultimately, not surprised, by the poverty that exists in one of the most affluent counties in the country.

Thanks to Jenna walking us through all that. Courtney Heppner, who supports the Central Ohio STEM hub from Reynoldsburg City Schools, deserves the credit for tipping us off to this opportunity. Thanks Courtney!

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