OSLN – Akron Hub reaches out with new site

Successful schools are built on the local context around them. Across Ohio, each of the Ohio STEM Learning Network’s regional hubs are working help deliver more quality STEM education to local students.

To help connect students and teachers to the opportunities offered by the OSLN – Akron Hub, hub director Alison White led the development of a new website and online training center. We exchanged a few questions with her about the new resources and what these offer.

OSLN Akron Hub - schoolsWhat are the new sites you launched?

The OSLN – Akron Hub website is now live, along with the Hub’s Online Training Center. Both sites feature an array of STEM resources for interested parties to learn more about effective STEM best practices and how the OSLN – Akron Hub can partner with stakeholders to expand STEM throughout the region and beyond.

What’s the goal of these sites?

The Hub website (AkronSTEM.org) provides information about upcoming STEM events, the Hub’s network, partner organizations and schools. AkronSTEM.org also details the menu of services the Hub provides for educators and administrators looking to learn and implement STEM best practices. Check back to the Hub’s website often for information about upcoming trainings and opportunities.

The Online Training Center site (https://sites.google.com/site/oslnakronotc) features an array of videos highlighting actual Problem-Based Learning units, electronic resources from the National Inventors Hall of Fame® School … Center for STEM Learning and much more.

What’s the one thing people can’t miss on the new sites?

OSLN Akron Hub - Training Center 2Both of these sites feature information about upcoming Hub professional development sessions, presentations and workshops, and much more. This includes information new Hub offerings as well. Notably, there is an Innovative STEM Leadership two-part series set to pilot in Spring 2014.

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