Kinder Garden School, West Chester

8374 Princeton Glendale Road
West Chester, OH 45069


Mrs. Trudi Simpson


Together with interaction of child, staff and family, we develop the complete child. In our Kinder Garden, we provide formative encouragement and knowledge with hands-on staff taking a personal interest in family and holistic education decisions with the child. The Kinder Garden School is devoted to growing a child’s wish to flourish and learn by cultivating curiosity and problem-solving proficiency in a full supportive, fertile, fun setting. ENLIGHTENMENT IS OUR MISSION.

The Kinder Garden School was built on the concept of learning through exploration and inquiry. We believe that failing forward is at the heart of our education and knowledge-base and these ideals can be heard throughout the school. The foundation of our culture exists in following the child so they may provide meaningful, holistic and enlightening educational experiences with our students. The students are encouraged to Ask, Imagine, Design, Build, Improve and Share their work as a part of their Design Life Cycle. Our Habits of Mind are truly to Follow the CHILD using – Collaboration, Honor and integrity, Innovation, Listening with understanding and empathy and Desire. Using these habits of mind to guide our practice, The Kinder Garden School hopes to develop learners who aren’t afraid to fail, as they are prepared to accept failure as a part of the learning process.