For experts: Answer SpaceByte questions

Answer student questions about space with SpaceBytes

Thank you for using SpaceBytes, a Q&A forum created specifically to assist classrooms across Ohio working on the 2023-24 #STEMorbitsOhio Design Challenge.

SpaceBytes allows quick access to your expert answers to the questions posed by students via their school leads.

You have the opportunity to answer as many questions as you wish. You can answer with a text response, but are encouraged to submit a short video where an explanation would be helpful. The interface allows searching and sorting so that you can quickly find the questions that you are most interested in answering! Providing additional text or video answers to a question that has already been answered is encouraged. The answers will be integrated.

Answered questions are marked in green. Unanswered questions are first marked yellow. After seven days without an answer, the question is marked red.

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