OSLN Travel Grant Program

At the Ohio STEM Learning Network, we understand that travel costs can prove an insurmountable barrier for many educators who want to learn. Especially those from rural communities. This summer, we are proud to offer a new support to help bridge that gap.

The Ohio STEM Learning Network Travel Grant Program supports educators interested in attending professional learning program and student-centered events delivered by OSLN. The aim of this grant program is to assist educators with travel and/or lodging costs associated with these events.

Award amount

The amount awarded varies based on the program the applicant is planning on attending. For professional learning programs, the award amount is $150.00 per day.


To apply for an OSLN travel grant, the following conditions must be met:

  • You are an Ohio educator currently employed in a K-12 Ohio educational institution
  • You are attending an OSLN professional learning program or event (see below for a complete list of applicable programs)
  • Your commute from the event location is at least 75 minutes
  • Your school or institution is not able to cover the cost
  • You are applying for the first time this school year (educators may apply each year, but the preference will be given to the educators who meet the eligibility requirements and have not been awarded this grant in the past)

Educators who are awarded this grant will be expected to:

  • Attend all days of the OSLN event for which the grant has been awarded
  • Submit W9 form upon the completion of the event

After meeting the requirements listed above, the grant recipients will receive the full amount of their grant award two to three weeks after the completion of the OSLN event. Because the award is given after the OSLN event, the grant recipients are expected to make arrangements to cover the travel cost in order to attend the event.


Applications close at the end of each month.

To apply, please submit the application below. Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding this grant program.

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