Hear from the new director of the Ohio STEM Learning Network, Kelly Gaier Evans

Ohio STEM educators and community members,

This week is my first as the director of the Ohio STEM Learning Network, and I am eager to meet with many of you over the coming weeks and months. I look forward to learning about your successes and charting how to spotlight these wins. I also look forward to digging into the challenges you are experiencing and activating our educator network to collectively solve those challenges.

I’ve worked with many of you over my ten years with the Ohio STEM Learning Network. I have seen how passionate Ohio educators are in advocating for students and communities. I’ve seen teachers leap into a brand-new content area to bring Computer Science to their school for the first time. I’ve seen math teachers revamp their approach to foster inquiry. I’ve seen the struggle and then well-earned joy of teachers collaborating to build a local design challenge that makes learning come alive for students. It has been such a blessing to learn alongside you. I can’t wait to grow in our practice together and find ways to share what we learn across Ohio.

We rely on a beautiful model where building STEM culture, community connections, and STEM teaching and learning practices, all leads to a future where every child can reach a life that excites them and provides a good wage. STEM is the educational pathway to achieve that vision.

Our primary goal is to grow K-12 STEM literacy across the state of Ohio. We have three integrated priorities:

  1. Expand access to STEM programs to all Ohio schools
  2. Create regional STEM supports to target underserved student populations, and
  3. Create a deeper sense of community among STEM Designated Schools through a common vision of quality STEM education with STEM School Designation

Ultimately, we will work closely with the state of Ohio to advance the state’s STEM priorities to build a future workforce equipped to compete in the global economy.

I am taking it as my personal challenge to expand STEM learning to more Ohio students. Tomorrow, we’ll have a special announcement in where I’ll ask for your help on this goal. Sign up here to be notified about this new program.

Each of us can help shape the future and influence our students’ future success. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to send me an email.


Kelly Gaier Evans, PMP

Director, Ohio STEM Learning Network

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