Join us in celebrating CSEdWeek 2019 by hosting an Hour of Code in your community

Computer Science Education Week starts today! Running from December 9 through December 15, this event celebrates the birth of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Admiral Hopper and the transformative power of computer science education by hosting an Hour of Code.

Hour of Code creates a fun and creative environment to introduce students to the concepts of computer programming. Schools from around the world participate. Last year, more than 720 million people across the globe spent 60 minutes learning something about computer science.

Hour of Code is about breaking stereotypes and opening doors. No one can learn all the essentials of computer science with just one hour. But one hour is enough time to break some stereotypes.

Students and teachers and community members need to see that computer science can be fun. You can start at any age, in any classroom, even without a computer.

Who should participate in Hour of Code?

  • Schools that already offer computer science: To recruit students and empower your current students to teach (and inspire) their peers
  • Schools not yet offering computer science: To make computer science more approachable

According to an impact study conducted by’s evaluation team:

  • After just one Hour of Code:
    • More students reported liking computer science
    • More students reported feeling they are able to learn computer science
  • 88% of teachers who participated in Hour of Code said they were more interested in teaching computer science

Hour of Code doesn’t just break stereotypes for students, it changes how adults see computer science.

How to get started?

Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. There are one-hour tutorials in over 45 languages. No experience needed—just a willingness to try! Get the word out. Host an event. Ask a local school to sign up. Or try the Hour of Code yourself—everyone can benefit from learning the basics. Learn more here.

Share your success!

Then celebrate by sharing the experience with the Ohio STEM Learning Network!

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