Announcing the 2018 OSLN Student Voice winners

This year, we received over 200 essay submissions from middle and high schools across the state of Ohio. Each student talked us through solving a problem in their life, community, or world. We learned about grand topics, like climate change and space junk, and everyday ones, like bullying and access to food.

In the coming weeks, we’ll profile these students, their solutions, and their hopes for the future. For now, congratulations to our middle and high school winners!

Middle and High School Winners

High School Winner: $300 and a Student Spotlight
Timothy Ziemann, Geauga iSTEM, 10th grade

Middle School Winner: Pizza Party and a Student Spotlight
Mollie Stracensky, St. Ambrose, 8th grade

Honorable Mention: Student Spotlight
Dillon Buzogany, St. Mary Chardon, 6th grade

Elementary Winners

For 2018, we opened up participation to elementary school as well. Out of nearly 100 videos, here are a few of our favorites. We look forward to reading your essays when you make the jump to middle school!

Briana – 5th grade Becky – 2nd grade
Daniel – 2nd grade Anna, Taylor, Jackson, and Tom – 4th grade
Lexi – 5th grade
Emma – Kindergarten
Leah – 2nd grade
Noah – 3rd grade
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