The High School Internship: A Hidden Gem

Internship. Career fairs put this word in the spotlight and college students turn their heads at its mere mention. Some would say that it’s just a fancy word for a part-time job, but an internship is much more than that.

To students, internship opportunities are the gateway between the classroom and the office—a peek at the everyday environment and responsibilities of a job field or company. They are so crucial to students’ growth (in both the professional and educational sense) that some colleges require at least one for graduation. Due to the high expectations and responsibilities that come with internships, it is a common misconception that these learning opportunities are solely for college students.

In fact, some internships can be obtained as early as high school and are oftentimes offered through STEM schools. MC2 STEM High School, for example, offers internship opportunities through reputable companies like Rockwell Automation, Lockheed Martin, Turner Construction, etc. Through these programs, MC2 students are able to handle themselves professionally, show initiative, build on communication skills, understand the operations of a company and most of all, obtain a better idea of their career goals.

By influencing their career paths, internships guide high school students through the tough decision-making processes of choosing colleges and selecting majors; by doing so, the students get a strong head-start in academia. In addition, a student’s experience in the work world will set him/her apart from peers during future internship opportunities and job interviews.

Obviously, high school internships play an important role in success post-graduation and enable students to find confidence in their abilities and future. Stay tuned for our next blog post, which will highlight specific examples of high school students who were encouraged to search for internship opportunities and to explore their endless possibilities.

— Phoebe Low

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