Don’t miss this year’s magical OSLN Design Challenge State Showcase, student videos due April 21

Next month, students will share everything they’ve learned over the months of the #STEMbuildsOhio statewide design challenge. Now, it’s time to reveal our special surprise for the 2022 OSLN Design Challenge State Showcase. Magician Drew Murray will join us throughout the event to share his unique perspective on how magic can help us learn and solve problems.

We asked Drew to do a quick trick for us. Take a look!

Schools have just over a week until April 21, the deadline to register students for the event and submit student work for each school’s top teams.

Once you’ve registered, please submit the student videos produced by the top team for your school in each grade band through this Google Form. That will help us begin processing entries and selecting for the statewide winner now. Read the complete guidelines here.

YouTube video

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