National Inventors Hall of Fame® School … Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Learning

In operation since 2009, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) STEM Middle School is a unique and comprehensive STEM middle school that promotes problem-based formal and informal learning. The middle school is recognized as a leader in STEM education because of the focus on experiential middle grade instruction and collaboration with community-wide partners.  The innovative partnership model is foundational to the school’s success.

Who can attend ?

The school serves students in grades 5 – 8  from Akron Public Schools and from schools in the greater Akron region.

What makes the NIHF STEM Middle School different?

An entity of the Akron Public School system, the NIHF STEM Middle School is housed within the National Inventors Hall of Fame® Foundation and is designed to let students work collectively with inventors, STEM-related businesses and organizations and with faculty and students from the University of Akron. The school allows students to take intellectual risks and prepare them to become inventive, creative problem-solvers.

Scientific inquiry and technological design are the cornerstones of instruction for the school. The learning environments will focus on personalized learning and teamwork skills – incorporating engineering, personal finance, music, art, humanities and other content areas. Teachers will act as student mentors, working with small groups of students to set goals and identify rigorous coursework to meet those goals.

Want to learn more?

Contact Amanda Morgan
Instructional Leader

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