Key dates for schools to earn STEM/STEAM designation in 2021

The Ohio STEM Learning Network exists to improve access to and quality of STEM education across Ohio, inspiring students and laying the founding for a growing state economy.

We expand STEM education of through professional development and networking for educators, student opportunities like the #STEMpowersOhio Design & Entrepreneurship Challenge, our regional STEM hubs, and our collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education to support the designation of STEM/STEAM schools.

Pursuing STEM/STEAM designation is a way for schools to communicate their values and priorities to their community stakeholders. Designated STEM/STEAM school share these attributes:

  • Culture of innovation
  • Inquiry-based, hands-on instruction throughout all content
  • Meaningful STEM partnerships with businesses and higher education institutions (colleges and universities)
  • Proven platform for sharing best practices
  • Leader and teacher development
  • Career exploration and work-based learning experiences for students

In order to be designated a STEM or a STEAM school, the above-listed attributes must apply to all the students in a building, not just a select group. In Ohio, we believe that STEM/STEAM education needs to be available for all students. If you are interested in applying for designation this year, please note the following dates:

December 15th: Complete this survey to inform the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio STEM Learning Network on your intent to apply and if technical assistance will be pursued.

January 15th: Submit a rough draft of the application/portfolio to the Ohio STEM Learning Network for technical assistance. Email rough drafts to [email protected]. (Note: When you submit a draft, your submission will be acknowledged within one business day. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please send an brief message to [email protected] to help us investigate whether your email was blocked by our filters.)

February 15th: Final applications due to the Ohio Department of Education by 5 p.m. Email to [email protected]. The STEM and STEAM Designation application and guidance rubric are available here.

If you need additional assistance regarding STEM designation, please review the following webinar series:

Here at the Ohio STEM Learning Network, we’re happy to answer questions along the way – please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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