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Rob Evans

Strategic Partnerships & Communications Manager

Rob Evans

Rob Evans helps people understand the complex stories that impact our world. As Battelle Education’s Strategic Partnerships & Communications Manager, he works on a variety of projects, ranging from press releases to social media to websites, including and

Rob craves the moment when the audience really “gets it.” Whether with a presentation, video, or writing, he creates true moments of understanding, conveying the core content and feeling of a topic. Rob strives to make those moments happen every day.

Rob earned a BA in Political Science from Capital University before working with the Ohio Board of Regents. His previous experience as a communication consultant primes him to bridge the gaps between teams, connecting innovative educators with communities that seek to do more with their school system.

Rob is passionate about practical science in almost any form. In 2016, he was thrilled with the opportunity to speak at the Kennedy Space Center. He volunteers for Columbus Science Pub and reads textbooks about rocketry and spaceflight in his spare time.

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