Metro Institute of Technology

Preparing students to be successful for what comes next141215 MIT learning model

The Metro Institute of Technology (MIT) is designed to solve two problems:

  1. capable students may struggle in schools that assume everyone acquires the same knowledge, at the same rate, towards the same goals
  2. the high cost of a college education prohibits many students from completing a degree.

141215 MIT sign upBy personalizing each student’s learning journey, MIT prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary for post-secondary success. By offering college course credit as part of its curriculum at no cost to the student, MIT makes college more affordable.

The school began taking middle school students in partnership with Metro Early College Middle School in 2014. It opens to 9th grade students in Fall 2015.

The Academic Model: MIT raises the bar for high school completion—beyond the diploma, beyond college readiness—to a college degree or certificate. As a result, the school focuses on outcomes that matter for college and work. Students are expected to develop mastery in three areas:

  1. Content knowledge
  2. Habits of success like planning, decision-making, and persistence
  3. Stackable credits and credentials, which is the evidence of competencies required by the colleges and industries students enter after high school. MIT aims for the following credentials for at least 80 percent of its students who start in grade 9:
  • Pass 2-year college entrance assessments within 2 years, certifying exemption from remediation
  • Earn transferable college credit within 3 years
  • Earn an industry-recognized certificate within 4 years, or
  • Earn an associate’s degree within 5 years

To meet these goals, MIT employs a student-centered, mastery-based curriculum through blended learning and strong college connections.

141215 MIT learning model

141215 MIT learning model