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Design challenge portal launched, plus materials from our kickoff

To kick off the 2020 #STEMdrivesOhio Design Challenge, we hosted a launch event at the COSI Science Center. Teachers learned about Smart Mobility and how to implement a design challenge at their school. As a resource, this post summarizes the day and provides links to bring those ideas into your classrooms. We’re also proud to announce the launch of The site will serve as your one-stop shop for understanding how to participate in the #STEMdrivesOhio Design Challenge, resources on […]

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New graduation requirements go into effect this month

After several years of discussion, new graduation requirements are coming. In response to a call for more options, the new graduation standards, which will become effective in mid-October, go beyond the usual tests and offer combinations of criteria that students can satisfy to demonstrate their qualifications to graduate high school. For insight on the new requirements, we contacted Sarah Wilson at the Ohio Department of Education: Q: Tell us about your job at the Ohio Department of Education and your […]

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Battelle NEON STEM Grant offers educators a chance to work with national environmental data

NEON fish sampling

In 2016, Battelle began operating the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) under an agreement with the National Science Foundation. NEON provides open, standardized ecological data from across the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Now, to challenge educators to use NEON data in their K-12 STEM programming, Battelle has announced the Battelle NEON STEM Grant. Educators can submit grant proposals for lessons that would use NEON data for topics ranging from climate change to animal population movements and much more. Final grant proposals are due by 5 p.m. EDT on Oct. 31, with awards announced in December. Technical assistance webinars […]

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PAST Foundation’s new design challenge workshops and history

One might think that an enterprise called the PAST Foundation would be focused on, well, the past. But that’s not the case with this Columbus-based non-profit education organization. The PAST Foundation wants to transform the future of teaching and learning through its emphasis on STEM education, school design and workforce development. Through its programs, which include its Innovation Lab; professional development training for school administrators and teachers; and student activities, to name a few, the foundation works to change education […]

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K-3 learners dive into design challenge at Kinder Garden School

This year’s statewide design challenge, #STEMdrivesOhio, explores Smart Mobility – using new technologies to improve the mobility of people and goods. That may sound very technical for younger students, but this West Chester school is up to the challenge. At the Kinder Garden School, youngsters in kindergarten through third grade work on an improved kid’s car seat. By centering safety and community wellness, the school’s using the design challenge as a learning experience. These young learners will even present their […]

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Greater than STEM Essay Contest Winners

A few months ago, OSLN asked STEM students across Ohio to respond to our third annual essay contest.  Tell us about a problem in your life, community, or world. How did you learn about it? How are you using STEM skills to solve it?  After reading through dozens of submissions, we’d like to formally congratulate this year’s winners: Madelyn Zarembka and Madrica Arnold! Read their essays below to learn how they use STEM skills to solve community problems– and listen to our podcast, Greater Than STEM, to hear other students tell their own stories.  High School […]

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Sessions offered to prepare schools for STEM or STEAM designation

What does it takes to be a STEM or STEAM school, as designated by the State of Ohio? Designation requires more than adding a robotics club, going 1:1 with technology, or offering more science and math courses. The Ohio STEM Learning Network and the Ohio Department of Education will be hosting four regional meetings this fall to assist schools interested in applying for STE(A)M designation. Join us to learn about the attributes of a STE(A)M designated school, from creating a […]

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