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“Heads on, hands on” in bicycle club

Header image of the Bike Club

We caught up with Ted Fowler, professor emeritus of education at the University of Cincinnati working with UC’s Office of Innovations and Community Partnerships, about a project he is involved with at nearby Hughes STEM High School – the Hughes Bicycle Club. Student participants break down and reassemble donated bikes to make them work better. The students also ride the finished products. Ted answered some questions about the club.

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STEM schools in the news

Image of the STEM schools on a map

Each year, the State of Ohio opens the window for new schools to become legally designated as STEM schools. We’re proud to serve as advisors to the State, supporting schools and making recommendations on the how proposed schools should proceed. We’ve been working with a number of schools on designation in 2016. The official date when Ohio will consider new applications is coming later this week. Now, we wanted to take a look back. Ohio’s first STEM school opened in 2006. Since […]

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Teachers interview scientists: The heart of engineering

With the release of the Battelle LDC Science Collection, we’ve pulled together some of the teachers and scientists behind the project. For our final interview, here’s Claire Hampel from Metro Early College Middle School and David Chase from Battelle to tell you more about their work together.Claire: Hi! My name is Claire Hampel and I’m a middle school science and English teacher at the Metro School. I’m originally from Dayton, Ohio where I went to the University of Dayton for Education. […]

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Ohio’s young scholars meet for competition

Header image of the JSHS winners

“Water Quality in Aquaponic Systems,” “Bacteriophage Proliferation Dynamics,” “Acute Morphological Effects of Cosmetics-Derived Microplastics Exposure.” These aren’t articles from a science journal. They are papers by students presenting at the 53rd Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. The event gives Ohio middle and high school students the chance to show off the incredible science they can do. All before even graduating! Keep reading to see what Ohio teachers and our staff saw at the event. Want to get involved? Contact […]

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Teachers interview scientists: Reading for the lab

With the release of the Battelle LDC Science Collection, we’ve pulled together some of the teachers and scientists behind the project. Erika Reeves, a teacher, and scientist Kate Kucharzyk talk about how to prepare students for science in the workplace. Let’s start with quick introduction about yourselves Erika: I am an enthusiastic, energetic, nerdy science educator who is passionate about providing students with hands-on learning opportunities and making material engaging and relevant. I have been teaching and learning alongside my students for […]

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Apply to join institute for school leaders

The Innovative Leaders Institute is a year-long training and mentoring experience for educators led by some of the top STEM and innovative school leaders across the country. To date, over 100 educators from urban, rural, and suburban schools across five states – including Chicago Public Schools – have participated. Application Complete the application online by April 4 Applicants must apply as part of a two person team. The team must include a principal or assistant principal plus an additional building-level […]

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Wednesdays for Women experiment

Here at the Ohio STEM Learning Network, we’re keenly aware that women and girls are underrepresented in STEM fields. One great way of opening the door: Showcase Ohio women who are thriving in STEM education or STEM careers. So, as a little experiment, every Wednesday, we’re going to highlight a woman in STEM. Know someone we should highlight? Just drop your suggestions in the comments below or email us at OSLN at Every Wed., we cheer Ohio #WomeninSTEM – Afreen […]

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