This year's statewide design challenge has begun! Learn how #STEMdrivesOhio
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STEAM designation helps St. Ambrose stand out

St. Ambrose Catholic School is a rare kind of school. Just three nonpublic Ohio schools have earned designation from the Ohio STEM Committee as a STEAM (STEM + arts) school. The pre-K through 8 school in northeastern Ohio’s Medina County has much to offer in its STEAM-based curriculum, which it launched in 2016. From coding and computer science to a planned Fine Arts STEAM Lab, the school has been able to offer its students a wide-ranging STEAM-based curriculum in just […]

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#STEMdrivesOhio challenge question, professional development, and other resources

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The Ohio STEM Learning Network will host a statewide design challenge for K-12 students. This year, we’re partnering with DriveOhio to explore the topic of Smart Mobility through the #STEMdrivesOhio Design Challenge.  DriveOhio is a partnership of the state agencies housed in the Ohio Department of Transportation and devoted to advancing the Smart Mobility in our state. In simple terms, Smart Mobility means using emerging technologies to improve the mobility of people and goods. It’s the use of new technologies to […]

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Students, you could name the next Mars rover!

In December 2008, a young student named Clara Ma submitted a name for a project NASA then called the “Mars Science Laboratory.” With a 250 word essay, Clara suggested the name “Curiosity.” The Curiosity rover has covered over 13 miles of terrain on the Martian surface. Seven years later, the car-sized robotic explorer is the face of science on the red planet. This July, NASA’s next rover will launch. Today, NASA opened the contest for K-12 students to name the […]

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Esports coming to Ohio schools

Have you heard about esports? If not, you might soon. Esports is competitive videograming, and it’s a wildly popular global phenomenon with a growing professional level. Among U.S. colleges and universities, many are forming teams, hiring coaches and granting scholarships to the best players, just as they do for athletes in traditional sports. Ohio State University is developing an interdisciplinary curriculum spanning five colleges to focus on video-game studies and esports. The curriculum will include undergraduate and graduate degrees; an […]

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2020 Design Challenge: SMART mobility with details from DriveOhio

Many STEM educators are at the forefront of teaching via problem-based curriculum: Present a real-life problem, guide students in a brainstorm to solve the problem using STEM strategies. This method is the heart of the Ohio STEM Learning Network’s annual Design Challenge. Prior Design Challenges, posed to teachers and students across Ohio in all grade levels, tackled the opioid epidemic, heart disease and food insecurity. During each year-long challenge, students research, build and test a solution to the designated problem and then present their ideas at Battelle. This time, the challenge centers on improving transportation via “smart mobility.” So, what is smart […]

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Help choose the name of the next Mars rover

NASA’s next robotic explorer to the Red Planet has many things. A ride to space: Launching July 2020 on an Atlas V rocket and landing in February 2021 A new, expanded rover design: 2,300 pounds of engineering and science equipment A mission: To answer key questions about the potential for life on Mars The one thing it’s missing? A name! Currently, the rover’s called “Mars 2020” but that’s a placeholder. This fall, it’s time christen the new rover with its […]

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Winning schools in 2019 MakerMinded competition

The MakerMinded competition  awarded $2,000 to the following schools to spend on educational technologies from Eduporium. Winning schools SCOPES Academy @ Unioto Elementary School – Chillicothe, Ohio Northridge Middle School – Johnstown, Ohio These schools logged the most points in Ohio by logging STEM activities completed by students. Here are just a few pictures submitted this year. SCOPES Academy Northridge Middle School LIFT, which created MarkerMinded, and Battelle, which manages STEM networks, issued the press release both recognizing the winning schools […]

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