Southwest Ohio Regional Training Center

The Hughes STEM High School Training Center serves to research, catalogue and disseminate best practices in STEM education. The target audience includes schools and districts in Southwest Ohio and beyond. The Training Center is located at Hughes STEM High School, an inclusive, urban STEM high school within a statewide network of STEM schools and supporting partners (OSLN).

The Training Center includes an Innovation Lab used for larger meetings, a Demonstration Classroom used for teaching and research purposes, a Video Conference Room used to facilitate connections with partner organizations worldwide and a developing set of online video training modules designed for STEM educators.

Areas of Expertise

  • Intersessions that offer students ‘real-world’ experiential learning opportunities with STEM professionals and organizations
  • STEM Packs to prepare for student led conferences
  • The use of SMARTboard technology to facilitate STEM learning
  • The integration of AAAS Atlas of Scientific Literacy content into STEM curriculum and common core standards implementation
  • Inquiry- and problem-based approaches to STEM instruction

Training Center Testimonials

“Great stuff! This will be so helpful for our entire staff. Imagine if we had been using these STEM Packs from day one for everything we do.”
– Veteran teacher

“The STEM Pack was very helpful and informative, especially since I had never done a student-led conference before. Thank you!”
– New STEM teacher

Want to learn more?

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Contact Kathy Wright
Chief Learning Officer, Hughes STEM High School