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Bio-Med Science Academy focuses on STEM to help high school students gain the skills they’ll need to succeed – in a world that has never been more demanding, and in economies defined by the quality of the people working in those fields. Bio-Med’s unique program is open to all Ohio students entering their freshman year of high school, and has the distinction of being one the first rural STEM schools in the country and the only STEM school in the nation to be housed on an academic health center campus. This proximity allows its teachers and students to take advantage of sophisticated research laboratories and guest lectures from an array of scientific researchers, professors and medical professionals to offer an innovative and progressive learning environment that cultivates academic excellence and rigor in the STEM disciplines while nurturing creativity, inventiveness and community in its students.

The Academy is partnered with, and located on the campus of, Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) in Rootstown, Ohio. With the support and resources of NEOMED and the Ohio STEM Learning Network, Bio-Med Science Academy began its first STEM+M academic year with a freshman class of 70 in August 2012. Bio-Med was officially granted formal STEM designation in the State of Ohio by the Ohio STEM Subcommittee in April 2013.

The Academy is a nontraditional public high school where students (and their parents) can expect to have their natural abilities nurtured in progressive, dynamic and rigorous ways.

Students are motivated to:

  • Think critically
  • Solve complex problems
  • Drive advancements in our five key areas of study
  • And prepare for real-world living and working

Graduates of Bio-Med Science Academy will be logical thinkers and innovators, but it’s not our purpose to produce “industrial automatons.” Armed with a balance of disciplines from the arts, humanities and sciences, Academy graduates will possess:

  • Fully developed social skills
  • Collaborative instincts
  • Creative thinking abilities
  • And a strong sense of community

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Stephanie Lammlein

Stephanie Lammlein
Director, Bio-Med Science Academy