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New Metro school recognized

Image of Metro Institute of Technology

by Aimee Kennedy On Friday, Dispatch reporter Shannon Gilchrist published a story about her visit to the Metro Institute of Technology, a new STEM school created by Metro Early College, Franklin University, and Battelle. I’m excited about the school’s potential and as I read the piece there were three things that leaped out at me as critical pieces of its early success. #1: Students make the best advocates Schools serve many different groups including parents and the community as a whole. The most interesting details […]

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Educators, learn policy through this fellowship

The Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship (AEF) Program provides a unique opportunity for accomplished K-12 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) educators to serve 11 months in Washington, DC, in a federal agency or US congressional office. Einstein Fellows use their classroom experience and knowledge to contribute to federal STEM education programs. In the process, they develop a better understanding of the national STEM education landscape and enhance their skills as STEM educators and leaders.

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Tour Ohio’s STEM schools

Image of the Ohio STEM schools on a map

Ohio is a leader in STEM and innovative education. Schools within the Ohio STEM Learning Network are opening their doors this fall to educators across the state.

We’ve organized a big push for tours in November and December and can offer you more than ten different tours over the next two months.

Visitors will get a chance to take a look at the school structure, peek inside classrooms, and talk to students, teachers, and administrators. Registration is required.

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3 tips for great STEM presentations

Header image for Connect for Success

Every year, the Connect for Success conference brings more than 1,200 educators to Columbus to lay the groundwork for the coming school year.

The organizer, Battelle For Kids, has issued a call for presenters to the conference in June 2016. We’ll be helping out at the conference again this year, aiming to add our knowledge to recruit and guide great presentations on the impact of effective STEM.

If you’re thinking about applying, here are my three takeaways from looking back on STEM at last year’s Connect for Success conference.

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Call for 2015 Trailblazer Teachers

Header image of students working

We’re forming a team of teachers that will spend a year more deeply integrating blended learning into their classrooms. Also, by the end of that year, each teacher will publishing their lesson plans, assessments, and other resources as an “open-source” foundation for other teachers. We’re calling this group the Trailblazer Teachers.

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Science like Sherlock

This summer we pulled together science teachers and Battelle scientists to create science and literacy instruction for the Battelle Education Literacy Design Collaborative Science collection. What was the output? Take a look in this sneak peak! The following includes a small selection of the mini-tasks that were created as a part of Battelle’s work to create a collection of LDC science modules.

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Back-to-school literacy resources are one click away

The Literacy Design Collaborative has created a back-to-school lesson collection for teachers in a variety of disciplines and grade levels to use in their classroom. We are excited to have Dr. Suzanne Simons from LDC here to tell us more. Kelly: Tell the Ohio STEM Learning Network a little bit about yourself and why you’re a part of this work. Suzanne: As the Chief of Instruction & Design at Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) I’m responsible for developing professional development resources, […]

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Take a look at Ohio’s engineers thanks to #ilooklikeanengineer

The #ilooklikeanengineer campaign is pretty great. Using Twitter’s location search, we looked for anyone tweeting out their picture to attack engineering stereotypes. Did we miss your tweet?

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Solo cups, shopping carts and science

This is the first in a series of summaries from breakout sessions at the 2015 Educators for Success Conference. At the conference, Battelle Education created a full track devoted to STEM. We’re happy to provide these short explanations to anyone interested. Each provides a view into some of the most exciting work happening in STEM today.

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Free training on coding offered

One of our hub leaders tipped us off to a program offered to Central Ohio schools. Jenna Garcia from is looking for a few more schools to join a training on computer programming. Here’s our Q&A with Jenna. Thanks for talking with us Jenna, what’s the opportunity for schools? Absolutely, we are so excited to be offering our curriculum and supports in Ohio this year! We are offering curriculum and teacher training (stipends included) for 3 different courses. It is […]

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