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Key ideas from the Connect for Success conference

Header image of students learning in nature

Battelle Education is proud to publish a new ebook. The following eight short snippets take you inside the 2016 Connect for Success conference. Each piece covers one of the STEM sessions plus the conference keynotes. Sign up for weekly blog updates from the Ohio STEM Learning Network, and you’ll have access to this Battelle Education ebook for free. First Name required Last Name required Email Address required Do you want to receive updates from OSLN? Yes, sign me up Just this […]

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Summer bridge eases student fears

Header image of a bridge

Making the transition from middle school to high school can be scary for some students – and their parents. Moving from a familiar educational environment to an unfamiliar one can cause anxiety, especially if the new school’s curriculum is nontraditional. To ease those worries, the Marysville Early College High School in Union County offers a two-day summer bridge program to help incoming students find their footing, meet future classmates and get a taste of the curriculum. To tell us about […]

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Growing roots in STEM

Header image of a student's notes about plants

With springtime’s natural beauty all around us, many teachers are using nature to impact academic lessons. Teaching about Mother Nature — as well as the design process, engineering and other seemingly unrelated fields — is the goal of two gardening projects at Dayton Early College Academy (DECA) and DECA Prep. To give us background on the projects, we contacted Tracy Martz, director of STEM Initiatives at DECA.

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Marysville STEM: Facilities rooted in philosophy

Image of Marysville Early College High School

by Sam Bodary for Battelle Education Two years in, Marysville STEM Early College High School has brought an abandoned building back to its roots. Originally a high school, the building was constructed in 1960 and later used as a middle school. More recently, the building sat vacant for five years before being converted back to its original purpose. It would be difficult to tell. The facilities offer a striking interpretation of futuristic education, resembling more of a small college than […]

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2016 STEM designated schools

Ohio’s network of STEM schools has grown by leaps and bounds since beginning as four schools in 2008. Today, we are a coalition of 31 schools providing innovative educational experiences to prepare students for college, the workplace, and beyond. That family just got a bit bigger. The Ohio STEM Committee, a council of state-appointed policymakers, agency directors and business leaders, met on Monday, June 6th to review applications for membership. The committee considered applications from nine schools for its official […]

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Finding a how-to manual for new schools

Header image of Josh Jennings

How does an educator become an effective STEM school leader? Is there a how-to manual for launching and overseeing the start-up of an innovative school? The Innovative Leaders Institute (ILI) isn’t a manual, but it covers all the basics. ILI is a year-long training and mentoring experience managed by Battelle Education and led by STEM leaders from across the country. In four sessions held at various STEM schools, participants get advice on leadership, curriculum, hiring practices and more. They also […]

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Ohio’s MIT – the Metro Institute of Technology

Header image of the MIT cubbies

by Sam Bodary for Battelle Education “He just took a piece of plywood, a tarp, and a leafblower and made his own hovercraft!” Andy Allmandinger enthusiastically brags about his first class of students at Metro Institute of Technology, the newest school affiliated with Columbus’ Metro Early College High School and Metro Early College Middle School. “What he found is that the more you weigh the better it floats. So when I went to push off the wall my feet went […]

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