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Downtown Akron will use student ideas to feature art

Header image of three Akron students

Last Tuesday, 8th grade students from the National Inventors Hall of Fame Center for STEM Learning put their problem-solving skills to work for Akron’s art community. Representatives of the Akron Art Museum, ArtsNow, and the Downtown Akron Partnership came to the students with a challenge: What would make Akron art unmissable? The challenge is one recent example of a problem-based learning unit, or PBL. Julienne Hogarth, learning coach for the 20 student presenters, explained her role. “We try to find […]

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Ohio’s young scholars meet for competition

Header image of the JSHS winners

“Water Quality in Aquaponic Systems,” “Bacteriophage Proliferation Dynamics,” “Acute Morphological Effects of Cosmetics-Derived Microplastics Exposure.” These aren’t articles from a science journal. They are papers by students presenting at the 53rd Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. The event gives Ohio middle and high school students the chance to show off the incredible science they can do. All before even graduating! Keep reading to see what Ohio teachers and our staff saw at the event. Want to get involved? Contact […]

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Featuring Ohio’s #WomeninSTEM

Today is #WomeninSTEM day and Twitter users have published more than 75,000 posts celebrating women. With so many posts, #WomeninSTEM is now trending nationally on Twitter.

We’re proud of the Ohio’s women in STEM today and the thousands of girls in Ohio’s schools who will grow up to be scientists, engineers, and other professionals in the 21st century STEM world.

With a Twitter search, we’ve tried to pull out tweets in Ohio to the #WomeninSTEM hashtag. If you’d like to be added or removed from the list, just mention our account: @OSLN

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Ohio STEM designation open

Header image of students working

Each year, a group of agencies from the State of Ohio convene to review proposals from schools that wish to be designated as STEM schools under Ohio law. Applications are open now and due by April 1. Our organization, the Ohio STEM Learning Network, a few roles in this process:

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Check out the Ohio School Improvement Institute Nov. 19 & 20

We’ve worked with Ohio High Schools that Work on delivering resources to teachers.  They’ve got a major conference coming up in a few weeks so we grabbed some time with Joyce Odor, a Regional Coordinator with the group, to get more detail. Kelly, from Battelle Education, will be presenting at the conference on our new project with the Literacy Design Collaborative on science education. Read about it here. Welcome Joyce! Tell us about the Ohio School Improvement Institute. The 16th Annual Ohio […]

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Tour Ohio’s STEM schools

Image of the Ohio STEM schools on a map

Ohio is a leader in STEM and innovative education. Schools within the Ohio STEM Learning Network are opening their doors this fall to educators across the state.

We’ve organized a big push for tours in November and December and can offer you more than ten different tours over the next two months.

Visitors will get a chance to take a look at the school structure, peek inside classrooms, and talk to students, teachers, and administrators. Registration is required.

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3 tips for great STEM presentations

Header image for Connect for Success

Every year, the Connect for Success conference brings more than 1,200 educators to Columbus to lay the groundwork for the coming school year.

The organizer, Battelle For Kids, has issued a call for presenters to the conference in June 2016. We’ll be helping out at the conference again this year, aiming to add our knowledge to recruit and guide great presentations on the impact of effective STEM.

If you’re thinking about applying, here are my three takeaways from looking back on STEM at last year’s Connect for Success conference.

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Solo cups, shopping carts and science

This is the first in a series of summaries from breakout sessions at the 2015 Educators for Success Conference. At the conference, Battelle Education created a full track devoted to STEM. We’re happy to provide these short explanations to anyone interested. Each provides a view into some of the most exciting work happening in STEM today.

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Schools open for tours and professional development

Bringing the best in STEM education to your school isn’t easy. You need to see what works and get one-on-one guidance to customize these practices to fit your students’ needs. The Ohio STEM Learning Network’s Training Center school sites are offering a first of its kind STEM School Tour week.

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How do you get A R T into STEM?

The creative arts give students new outlets to express how they feel about the world. That’s valuable all on its own. But the arts also can be a vehicle for engaging students in content they need to learn to be ready for college and career.

We’d like to learn more about how you bring the arts into the classroom.

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