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Promise, Principles, Practice

We promise to:

  • Give you our best, individually and collectively.
  • Apply resources to obtain a different result, not to support the status quo.
  • Facilitate open communication among all members.
  • Seek and listen to feedback.
  • Give each other the freedom to take risks and the opportunity to be wrong.
  • Welcome and acknowledge the value of new members.
  • Assist with local needs while respecting local culture and norms.
  • Establish a connection to a larger network to amplify and accelerate the work in STEM.
  • Be constant advocates of members’ work, shining light on their successes.
  • Amplify successful practices and spread them across the state and nation.

Our principles:

At its inception, OSLN and its partners created five design principles for creating successful STEM schools.

  1. Form new skills and share minds for a new century.
  2. Engage partnerships to accelerate capacity and broaden opportunity.
  3. Start and stay small.
  4. Make STEM literacy attainable and desirable for all.
  5. Drive scalable and sustainable innovations.

View the full PDF version of the design principles for more detailed information.

Our practice:

  • Engaging the public and private sector to design, start-up and operate STEM teaching and learning systems.
  • Doing business through a portfolio of contributors and users who actively collaborate for the benefit of the whole.
  • Pushing the envelope of education systems design to solve the complex problems in education.
  • Creating a positive experience for STEM as it relates to education, economic development and personal prosperity.

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