Faces of OSLN

OSLN’s core team manages the execution of its programs to meet defined objectives with emphasis on quality, timeliness and value of results. Additional OSLN team members serve in many roles both within the network and in their respective schools, districts and organizations.

All OSLN members are committed to helping the State of Ohio inspire and train the next generation of scientists and technology leaders.


Kelly Gaier Evans HeadshotKelly Gaier Evans aims to open doors and opportunities for students across the country. She started her career with the Education and Philanthropy team at Battelle in 2012 as a STEM Project Specialist. Currently, she serves as the Senior STEM Relationship Manager for Battelle and works to expand Computer Science education for students across Ohio.

At Battelle, Gaier Evans has spent the past seven years managing STEM teacher professional development experiences for teachers across Ohio and multiple states across the STEMx network. A certified Project Management Professional, she manages and leads multiple contracts for Battelle including the regional partnership with Code.org. In this role, Gaier Evans manages a team of facilitators as well as managing deliverables and the project budget. With the team of facilitators, she works to expand teacher capacity across Ohio to teach foundational computer science to Ohio K-12 students.

Prior to joining Battelle, Gaier Evans worked both in the classroom as a high school math teacher and on state level policy at the Ohio Department of Higher Education (formerly referred to as the Ohio Board of Regents). Kelly earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Studies from Capital University. She earned her teaching license while teaching in the Delta region of Arkansas.

Kelly apologetically dominates family games of Settlers of Catan. She is also on her way towards visiting all of the national parks by foot or by kayak. She loves reading, crafting, and listening to the Delta blues.

Senior Advisors

Dr. Stephanie Johnson is the Project Manager for Battelle’s work with the Army Educational Outreach Program. She aims to make the world a better place, especially for kids and those in need.

Stephanie’s proudest moment in her career came when she was teaching, back when she said she had “no idea” what she was doing. A student had to repeat the 2nd grade, but requested with his mother to be back in Stephanie’s classroom. His time with her was the first time he had actually wanted to come to school.

Stephanie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and Health Education from The Ohio State University. She later earned her Master’s in Public Health and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of California. She also has her teaching license. She mentions that she chose these paths as part of her mission to make the world better, not because of their high earning potential.

David Burns is the director of STEM Innovation Networks at Battelle Education. He joined in 2008, doing instrumental work to establish and expand the Ohio STEM Learning Network and Tennessee STEM Innovation Network. He also helped to establish STEMx, a nationwide STEM education network linking over 20 statewide organizations across the United States.

David had a previous career in the restaurant and hospitality business, as well as working with the Disney Corporation on the EPCOT project. In his career in education, David worked as the Chief of Staff for Cincinnati Public Schools. During their restructuring project, David’s work was instrumental in opening 11 new high schools over two years.

David holds a BA in English and Education, and a master’s in English Literature from Northern Kentucky University. Before working at Battelle Education, he was the Executive Director of the Office of Transformation and Career Technical Education in the Ohio Department of Education. There, he pioneered state policy initiatives like STEM schools, STEM networks, credit flexibility, and stackable certificates.

Battelle management

wes hallWes Hall is the Vice President for Education, STEM Learning and Philanthropy. He also serves as Executive Director of the national STEMx network.

Previously serving as the Director of the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, he led a highly successful partnership between Battelle Education and the Tennessee Department of Education designed to amplify quality STEM learning opportunities for students across the state.

Born in Bristol, TN, Wes grew up in rural Appalachia and worked to expand opportunities for students in rural and urban areas. His leadership was integral to establishing multiple STEM platform schools and regional hubs, developing strong industry engagement, and advocating for innovative state policy to expand STEM opportunities in Tennessee. Prior to joining Battelle, Wes served as a program coordinator for the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, overseeing the state’s higher education STEM initiatives supported by Race to the Top.

Wes holds a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Public Administration from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He currently serves on the University of Tennessee’s Master of Public Policy & Administration Board of Advisors.  In addition, he serves on the leadership board of the STEM Education Coalition.

Core Team

  • Zac Ames

    Zac Ames

    Office Assistant
  • Sam Bodary

    Sam Bodary

    Project Specialist
  • Rob Evans

    Rob Evans

    Communications Manager, Battelle Education
  • Kelly Gaier

    Kelly Gaier

    STEM Relationship Manager
  • Leslie Vesha

    Leslie Vesha

    Manager, Philanthropy and STEM Learning
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