About OSLN

OSLN is more than a network that only assists in starting up STEM schools. OSLN has evolved to a network that leverages existing STEM schools and programs to spread effective practices and tools across the state and the nation.

We support the growth and quality of STEM education in Ohio by:

  • Connecting the best STEM schools, teachers and administrators to each other and to national resources
  • Assisting schools and communities that want to create new STEM schools and programs
  • Driving STEM innovations through a network approach

The network is composed of five major groups that are committed to helping the state of Ohio inspire and train the next generation of scientists and technology leaders. The presence of these highly skilled workers, problem solvers and critical thinkers will enable the state to create, attract, retain and grow businesses and industries that can successfully compete in the global economy.

The OSLN core team manages the execution of its programs to meet defined objectives with emphasis on quality, timeliness and value of results.

OSLN’s seven regional STEM hubs leverage partnerships to support outreach and spread STEM effective practices to other hubs and schools.

OSLN’s on-the-ground personnel are educators within the hubs who deploy STEM initiatives to schools in their region and provide connectivity between all parts of the network.

The OSLN training centers enable educators from around the state to see effective STEM tools, practices, instruction and learning strategies in action.

OSLN schools are non-selective STEM schools that are positioned to deploy innovative STEM concepts in the classroom and are expected to leverage the training centers to further spread those concepts.

Today, OSLN includes schools all over the state that work together with the hubs and public and private schools in their region to spread the innovative strategies that characterize the most effective STEM programs.